32 degrees Fahrenheit

< 32° Fahrenheit
Fotoserie  Januar 2020

My photo project „< 32° Fahrenheit“, started in early 2020, shows pictures of frozen flowers and other parts of plants. The frozen, previously arranged objects are photographed during the thawing process. The defrosting is partly accelerated with warm water. The changes caused by cracks, discoloration, distortion and trapped air bubbles are not predictable and give the pictures a special charm. Through digital post-processing of the pictures, these effects are emphasized to the extent that it corresponds to my ideas.

For me the unreal contrast between the blooming life of the objects and the standstill they are exposed to in the ice is interesting. Sometimes very abstract pictures emerge, which hardly allow the frozen plants to be recognized as such. The pictures also have an aesthetic value, which is also important to me.

There is an analogy to the photographic process itself. Just as the camera records temporal segments of reality, freezes them, so to speak, so here too objects are taken out of their context and preserved by freezing.

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